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At Skillshare, we've witnessed time and time again how the ostensibly straightforward act of creating can be a force for people's lives to develop, evolve, and discover. We wish to encourage and spread the kind of creative inquiry that advances communication, knowledge, and application.

For creative and curious individuals, Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of lessons on subjects including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. Members of Skillshare collaborate to discover inspiration and advance in their creative endeavors.Describe Skillshare.

Anyone may find, take, or even offer a lesson on Skillshare, an online learning community. Anyone may sign up for Skillshare to start taking online courses, producing projects, and even teaching.

To eliminate the professional skills gap and offer everyone access to top-notch education, we founded Skillshare. Skillshare helps people to develop their professions, improve their lives, and pursue the work they love by teaching the skills required in tomorrow's world.

Through project-based learning, where students follow the steps of making something, they can interact with their teachers and fellow students. We think that the greatest method to develop new abilities and boost creativity is through hands-on learning. specialists to hone their technique and their curiosity. Interested? You may enroll in Skillshare right now!

Community Standards

The primary focus of the Skillshare community is education and skill development. If any content is posted to the platform that we feel to be at odds with this stated aim, we reserve the right to remove it. Skillshare characterizes our spirit as educational, instructional, engaging, and demonstrative. Our community's objective is knowledge expansion, and we achieve this by assisting users in exercising their creative and analytical faculties, participating in sincere relationships with one another, and having a secure environment in which to share their work.While we're committed to keeping Skillshare open, we also want it to be a hub for learners and doers. The duration, teachability, topic content, minimum education quality, and applicability of all classes posted to the platform are therefore moderated regularly. These guidelines are listed in our class guidelines.

Community Standards

The community, which consists of our teachers and students, drives Skillshare forward. The following rules are provided to help you comprehend what it means to be a Skillshare member, whether you're dealing with other users or team members. If you violate these rules, strikes will be logged on your Skillshare account, your content may be deleted, or both.

Behind every Skillshare profile and support email is a real person. You are not permitted to threaten, bully, harass, or abuse other people on Skillshare. Do not raise disputes about transactions, offer site-related criticism, or disclose technical difficulties in open forums like classroom discussions. Instead, send an email to to get support for these problems, and we'll be happy to assist you.


創造的で好奇心旺盛な個人のために、Skillshareは、イラスト、デザイン、写真、ビデオ、フリーランスなどを含む主題に関する何千ものレッスンを提供するオンライン学習コミュニティです。 Skillshareのメンバーは協力して、インスピレーションを発見し、創造的な取り組みを前進させます。Skillshareについて説明します。








すべてのSkillshareプロファイルとサポートメールの背後には実在の人物がいます。 Skillshareで他の人を脅迫、いじめ、嫌がらせ、虐待することは許可されていません。取引について論争を提起したり、サイト関連の批判を提供したり、教室でのディスカッションなどのオープンフォーラムで技術的な問題を開示したりしないでください。代わりに、help @ skilshare.comにメールを送信して、これらの問題のサポートを受けてください。喜んでサポートさせていただきます。

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